COF (Adhesiveless 1Metal Circuit)


COF (Adhesiveless 1Metal Circuit)

COF (Chip On Film) is used for many kinds of electronics. And it is especially applied to display drivers of liquid crystal display for TVs and PC monitors.

The largest difference between COF and TCP is "non hole structure for a chip". All the circuit is made on film (mainly polyimide film) for manufactureability of finer line and space than TCP.

In addition due to the "non hole structure", COF can be bent at any part of the unit.

COF ( Adhesiveless 1Metal Circuit)

FLEXCEED has established 158mm wide web manufacturing technologies, which can contain multiple lanes of 35mm, 48mm and 70mm width as a solution for short lead time and low price.

→ See here for "Fine Pitch COF".

Collaboration with Material Suppliers
FLEXCEED is making continuous effort to develop new materials for COF.

Materials with high bentability, high peeling strength, high resistivity of ion migration were developed, adding to the lineup of materials.

[Features of Product]

Features of Product
W   70mm    48mm   35mm
SP  1.981□  1.42□  1.42□
Y    60.0mm  41.6mm 28.6mm

Material Thickness: 38um(Base Film)
Copper Thickness: 8um(Copper)
Circuit Pitch: min20um(L/S=8/12um)