High Insulation

High Insulation Solder Resist

In general households, flat panel displays (FPDs) are cleaned with glass cleaners.With the bezel frame of the display becomes narrower, it makes it easier for the contaminated cleaning solution to penetrate into the COF.

In addition, the higher image resolutions of recent display panels, the COF circuit is becoming more fine pitched.Therefore, there is a strong demand for solder resist with excellent chemical resistance and insulation properties to cover the circuit wiring.

To prevent this, in cooperation with solder resist manufacturers, we have achieved mass production of solder resist with higher insulation and chemical resistance than before.

High Insulation Improved chemical Resistance (High insulation)
【TEST Condition】
130℃/85%RH, 60V
【Sample Spec.】
18μmp Pitch L/S = 9μm/9μm

Solder Resist:10μmt
Improved chemical Resistance