FLEXCEED has developed 2 Metal TAB and been in production for a lot of electronic devices, which has circuit on both sides of substrate.

By the use of both sides of substrates, simply customers get more flexibility of designing, increasing parts-mounting area and making line crossing possible.

Recently 2 Metal TAB is used for the reasons of improvement of electric properties such as low insertion losses, impedance control and low noise.

2 Metal TAB is sometimes effective for heat dissipation as well.

  • Blind Via Structure of 2 Metal TAB

    Blind Via Structure of 2 Metal TAB

  • Increase of Routing Flexibility with Micro Vias
    By increase of circuit density diameter of via and its capture pad is forced to decrease.
    FLEXCEED has succeeded the reduction of those diameter in 50%, resulting in minimum diameter of via as 40um and capture pad as 120um.
    Moreover, FLEXCEED made copper filled plating possible for production. With this technology, customers can obtain more design flexibility, placing a via in a ball pad and so on.
    Cross Section of Blind Via
    Furthermore 2Metal TAB with LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) is also manufacturable as prototype samples.

    LCP is the material with lower dielectric constant / factor than polyimide. On the other hand it shows very low water absorption rate. (About 14% of polyimide)

    This property gives very stable, high speed communication in GHz range, not being influenced with moisture in the air.
    Eye Pattern at 10GHz
    FLEXCEED has remarkable capability of development to create special products with fine pitch circuit and/or with flying leads, which meet customers' various demand.