Substrates for SMD (Surface Mount Device) Packages


LED is applied to various things such as illumination and becomes more important and indispensable for our lives.

FLEXCEED provides TAB-base LED substrates by combination of existing and newly developed, unique technologies, which can flexibly meet customers' various needs.

Substrates for SMD (Surface Mount Device) Packages

FLEXCEED has developed and succeeded to release the TAB-base substrates for LED to markets, which is rapidly growing as illumination with low energy consumption.

  • 1.

    High Heat Dissipation Structure :
    Escaping heat of a chip through copper plated device terminals, which are made in holes in polyimide film

    Cross Section

  • 2.

    High Reflection Rate:
    Increasing reflection rate by white resist and silver plating

    Wire Bonding Type Silver Plating White Resist Polyimide Copper Plugged Plating Flip Chip Bonding Type

  • 3.

    Fine Pitch Patterns:
    Increasing efficiency of assembly with highly dense layout in matrix by fine pitch

    LED Substrate in Matrix Unit Appearance(Image)

  • Simulation of Heat Dissipation on a TAB-base LED Package
    Domain of Calculation
    Domain of Calculation
    Simulated Models of LED Packages
    Simulated Models of LED Packages
    Result of Simulation: TAB showed more excellent heat dissipation than ceramics.
    Etching Method
    Max Temperature at Junction(℃) Thermal Resistance at Junction
    Thermal Distribution
    Horizontal Directions Vertical Direction
    TAB 26.7 3.4 Horizontal Directions Vertical Direction
    Ceramic 29.3 8.5 Horizontal Directions Vertical Direction

[Features of Product]

High Heat Dissipation
35umt Electro-deposited Copper Foil Plugged Plating
High Reflection Rate
White Resist / Silver Plating
Fine Pitch Patterns
Minimum Space 60um
Plating Variation
Tin, Silver, Gold Plating